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Paranormal Activity: Why an Open Mind Can Make You Stronger

For centuries people have been fascinated yet equally terrified about the idea of paranormal activity. Of course we have all been scared out of our wits or jumped out of our seats while watching a ghost flick, but is there a reality to our fear? Are we truly terrified of the paranormal activity we see in mainstream media for a reason? Many people love the idea of a great horror movie, but would it be so entertaining if we really knew how much paranormal truth can be evident around us?

When it comes to the fear of ghosts and stories of haunting we can go back decades and even centuries to find real life examples. The truth of the matter is that in these modern times, real life ghost sightings and paranormal activity are becoming increasingly abundant. No longer are these situations being limited to old fashioned, creaky and creepy buildings, but there are reports of paranormal activity popping up all over the country. Are our fears simply starting to play tricks on us? Or have the dark and unsettled spirits really begun to interact with us more often?

The best advice you can take on this matter is to not jump to any swift conclusions or you may end up getting yourself worked up over nothing. If you feel a paranormal presence or are hearing unusual sounds, make sure you take a thorough look around your house. Try to find an easy explanation for the noises you hear. If you do not find anything legitimate to explain any changes, then you can confidently go about looking into more serious and efficient measures. Apply common sense to every situation to ensure that you are simply not overreacting to the increased paranormal activity within mass media in today's society.

No easy explanations? Still hearing strange noises late at night or feel an unavoidable presence even after fixing the water pipes and checking for creaks in the floors? Now you can begin to take more drastic measures. First off, try and catch any patterns you can see or find in the paranormal activity. Identify at what exact time you get a feeling of a weird energy or when you hear the noises. It may coincide with certain activities that you are engaging in or certain guests that you have enter the home. If you can determine the source of the problem or the reasoning for it, you will be well on your way to finding the truth and eventually solving the issue.

As with any situation, you should enter this one with an open mind. Of course you may never find solid proof when it comes to the life of the paranormal, but nor will you find solid proof admonishing it. With an open mind you are more capable of dealing with any number of issues that you may run into. At worst, you will be more informed than you were before. You may even have some fun while researching paranormal activity.


Hauntings: How do You Know if a Location is Haunted?

Hollywood has done a great job of making us think that hauntings are always obvious and that they are extremely scary and dangerous. The truth is that hauntings are not always obvious and not usually scary or dangerous. In fact, it can often be confusing to tell if a home is haunted. It takes some investigation to figure out if what is happening is in fact paranormal.

The First Step

What leads to you start investigating if your home is haunted is probably things that happened that seem unexplainable. You may feel cold spots or hear odd noises. In some case you may have seen something that seemed paranormal in nature. Whatever happened, something has brought you to the point where you feel you need to look further to see if your location is, indeed, haunted.

One of the first places to start in your investigation is doing some research into the location. You will want to look into the history of the home and the history of the land. Find out what used to be there. Go as far back as possible. You want to find out if something happened here that would trigger a haunting. Usually this would be a traumatic or major event.

Easy Explanations

Sometimes there are obvious explanations for what is happening. With some research and investigation you can uncover reasonable explanations for the things happening in your home. You want to look at each instance that has occurred and try to find an explanation that is not paranormal in nature. Too often people simply label something as paranormal without trying to see if there is another explanation for the event.

A good example of a common misunderstanding deals with cold spots. Most people have heard that spirits or ghosts leave a cold spot where they have been. When someone feels a cold spot they may believe that they have felt a ghost. In reality many cold spots are caused by air leaking through a drafty window or seeping in through an improperly insulated fixture.

Another common misunderstood event is shaky. Hollywood has many people convinced that spirits are very interested in shaking things to scare us, so it is no surprise that anyone who feels something shaking will immediately think it is a ghost. In reality, many instances of unexplained shaking can actually be explained. Airplanes going overhead or even trains can cause shaking and they do not have to be right close to the area to do so.

Checking Out Events

As part of your investigation you should check isolated events. Try to recreate the event exactly as it was. Set up the area in the same way it was when the event occurred. Make sure you account for all people and pets. You want to check for drafts and try to find an explanation for what happened.

When you are suffering a serious case you should completely check your whole home. Look at the electrical set up, the plumbing and check out all insulation. Many times faulty devices or aging fixtures can be to blame to supposed hauntings.

A Final Judgment

If you have went through your own investigation and have not been able to find an explanation outside of the paranormal then you may want to get professional help. You can call upon the assistance of a psychic that can carry out a séance that will connect you with the spirit world and enable you to ask if your home is haunted.

If you want a more practical approach then you can call upon the assistance of local paranormal investigators. They should not charge for their services. It may be a long wait for them to come out, though. They should have equipment to be able to do a good investigation and finally give you an answer as to whether your home is haunted or not.


The Paranormal: Answers To Your Questions

What would a campout or sleepover be without ghost stories? Ghost stories and tales of haunting spread like wildfire. But how much is real and how much is in the imagination of the speaker? That is something paranormal experts try to find out. Sometimes it comes out to be nothing and sometimes there is actually something present. Keep reading for the answers to some of the questions you may have about the paranormal.

How do people investigate paranormal activities? Actually documenting a paranormal activity is rather difficult. So far there has been no concrete evidence that could not be explained away by science. However, believers truly have thought they have come across spirits and other manifestations that could not be explained by science. Some use cameras and some use recorders to take audio recordings of sounds that are imperceptible to the human ear. No one can explain what the sounds or pictures are but there are still plenty of skeptics. Some believe it is human error and human judgment that colors the researchers' beliefs.

What do I need to be a paranormal investigator? The first thing you need is education. You have to know what is considered paranormal activity and what is not. That requires you reading up on many different subjects that you may not typically read. The next step is to join and organization. The organization can teach you their methods and teach you how to use the tools that they use to capture things on camera and recording. On a side note if you wish to by a cryptozoologist you will have to go to school and study to get your degree. Most people who specialize in cryptozoology have a degree in zoology.

What should I do if I find proof of paranormal activity? If you find concrete proof of paranormal activity the first thing you need to do is provide accurate documentation. You may want to let a paranormal group take a look at your findings and then let them perform studies themselves. If everything turns out to be valid then you may want to contact a scientific journal or a newspaper. Yes, there are still going to be skeptics but if you have concrete proof then those skeptics may be swayed and they may not be. There are even some skeptics that have put up a million dollar reward for people to prove that psychic and paranormal phenomenon actually exists and can be proven. You could find yourself a million dollars richer.

Why is there no concrete evidence of paranormal activity from famous groups? By its very definition paranormal does not stick with any scientific method. That is why there is no concrete evidence that supernatural activity truly exists. Cryptozoology, however, is a different story. With it there is scientific evidence to back up the findings and new creatures are found all the time. With ghosts it is hard to get those to stand still for a photograph and to have them appear to others. Movies have vastly overinflated how people view haunting.


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